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Sreemangal is arranged in Moulvibazar locale in sylhet division. Sreemangal is an Upazila. It is popular for tea plant. Rain all time happens here. Nature has decorated sreemangal with green tress. Its common view is exceptionally charming. It alleviates one's eyes. Feathered creatures are twittering continuously here. The primary tea cultivate in Bangladesh which names "Malni chho ra tea garden" is here. As it were one tea inquire about founded in Bangladesh which title is BTRI (Bangladesh Tea Inquire about Established) is arranged in Sreemangal. The terraced tea gardens, manors and evergreen slopes of sreemangal are brilliant treats for the sightseers. On the way, of Sreemangal by transport you'll see a statue "cha konna" which is stands for welcome you. But on the off chance that you come in sreemangal by prepare you'll miss this statue. When you'll come close within the tea cultivate you discover the scent of tea takes off. When youll reach sreemangal you get numerous sorts of lodgings. Tea Resort & Rest House also accessible here. After taken rest you'll be able visit tea gardens.